Prior to World War II (1941), the College of Veterinary Science (now known as UP College of Veterinary Medicine) was in the premises of the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) in Pandacan, Manila. It was headed by Dean Gregorio San Agustin who at that time was also the Director of the BAI. The College had a library  operated jointly with the BAI, with Mr. Talahib as Librarian who later had his surname changed to Bocobo, and eventually became Fiscal Bocobo of Manila.

In November 1944, Dr. Severino R. Hermosura discovered that the Japanese would burn the College within 24 hours. He telephoned Dean A.K. Gomez, (successor of Dr. San Agustin), in his home in San Juan and informed him about the impending catastrophe. When Dean Gomez arrived at the College, he, the clerk named Mr. Mumar and Instructor Hermosura filled one pushcart with the archives and the more important books of the College. The next day, as scheduled, the Japanese burned the College building before retreating.

In June 1945 in one small-unburned building in Pandacan, Manila, the College was reopened with few faculty members . Some of the classes were held at the BAI building, which was not burned. There was practically no library. The few books that were saved were the only remnants of a good library. Mr. Mumar was the Property Clerk and Librarian.

In 1952, Dean Gomez, (assisted adequately by his Chairman for Outside Assistance, Dr. S.R. Hermosura) succeeded in getting war damage funds from the U.S. Mutual Security Agency and from PhilCUSA (Philippine Commission for U.S. Aid, forerunner of NEC & NEDA), to the amount of about P1 million, including P300,000.00 for modern veterinary building fund for equipment, for personnel, and about P20,000.00 for a modern library.

Even before the books could arrive, in 1953, Ms. Adoracion Sim was hired as Clerk and Librarian. Ms. Sim (became Mrs. A. Borja in 1960) is a contemporary of Mr. Ruperto Marintique, Zootechnics Assistant who later was promoted to the position of Property Officer of the UPCVM.

After Ms Sim, the Librarians assigned at the CVM Library located at the UP Diliman were Ms. Minda Licuanan and A. Balane.

In December 1979, Ms. Elvira C. Cervantes was hired as the head of the CVM library and she supervised the library before and after its relocation to UPLB.

In June 1985, all the book collections of the library for first year proper students were the first batch of books transferred to UPLB. These books were housed at the UPCVM Tabon Building.

The College Library books for the second year proper students were transferred to UPLB in June 1986 and this time the library was housed at the UPCVM Administration Building.

It was in June 1988 when the whole library was moved to UPLB at the Administration Bldg of the College. Ms. Perla S. Calma was the Librarian-in-Charge of the College Library at UPLB until such time Ms. Cervantes moved in.

In May 1991, the College Library was transferred to the CVM-IAS Communal Bldg. This time, library collections of CVM, UPLB Institute of Animal Science (IAS) and Dairy Training Research Institute (DTRI) were merged at the library

One library support staff, Mr. Bayle G. Baguioan was hired and assigned at the College Library in 1993, and one additional staff, Ms Lucila M. Andal was hired for the College Library in 1995.

Ms. Cervantes headed the library until her retirement in July 1995. She was succeeded by Ms. Marina Frias who headed the College Library from February 1997 to December 1997.

In September 1998, one additional College Librarian, Ms. Xenia Balgos Romero was hired and assigned at the College Library. Several IAS and DTRI (now called Animal and Dairy Sciences Cluster) staff have rendered services in the library from 1998 until 2013, when ADSC Librarian Ms. Yolissa Pacia manning their reading room in DTRI retired. 

Ms. Calma was the Librarian-In-Charge from January 1998 to November 2001 prior to the arrival of the new Head of the Library, Ms, Adelina M. Esperante in December 3, 2001. In April 2002, Ms. Lorenza D. Oliveros was hired and replaced Ms. Xenia Balgos Romero who resigned from the university in 2002.  

In June 29, 2015, a new College Librarian, Mr. Renz C. Cao, replaced Ms. Oliveros who resigned from the University in August 2013. Mr. Cao is assisting (every tuesdays & thursdays) CVM students and staff at the new CVM extension e-library in DVCS & VTH, Maahas, Los Banos, Laguna since August 11, 2015. 

In January 17, 2018, a new College Librarian, Ms. Magdalena D. Bede, replaced Ms. Perla S. Calma who retired from the University in September 6, 2016.

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