Disorderly and Disruptive Behavior

Exclusion from the library premises  and suspension of library privileges
< 2 weeks for any of the following conduct:

drunken behavior
creating disorder, tumult, breach of peace, or serious disturbance
gross & deliberate discourtesy
possession of prohibited drugs
disruptive behavior such as excessive noise and loud discussions
scandalous acts (such as exhibitionist acts, necking and the like)
improper behavior such as smoking, eating & playing cards within
the library premises

Mutilating or Stealing Library Properties

replace it or pay its current replacement value
payment of fine not less than Php 300 but not more than 50% of the current cost of the book whichever is higher.

This is without prejudice to the imposition, in appropriate cases, of an additional penalty of suspension or expulsion to be imposed after due process, by the Chancellor upon recommendation of the University Librarian through the Dean.

Loss of a Circulation Book

Fine equivalent to 50% of the cost of the book plus any of the following:

Submission of an excellent quality photocopy
Payment of the current value of lost book

Withdrawal of a Reserve Book Without Reservation Permit

Fine of PhP50.
Privilege to borrow reserve books shall be suspended for two weeks on the second offense.

Refusal or Failure to Settle Library Accounts

shall not be allowed to register
shall not be permitted to use the University libraries
shall not be issued University clearance.




 Source: University Library Organic Act and University Library Rules and Regulations (1039th BOR Meeting, 14 March 1991)



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