On February 2, 2018 (1:00-5:00PM), the CVM/IAS library conducts a training on “Scanning and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Process for Digitization of Special Collections” at the library Mezzanine Floor. The activity was specially organized for 16 participants from other UPLB College Libraries and CVM staff for them to be more informed and well prepared to embrace the challenge and importance of digitization.

training pic 2 1

During the session, Ms. Adelina Esperante, Head of CVM/IAS Library shares several helpful tips to remember before and during digitization activities. She also provides hands-on demo on OCR process for pdf file using ReadIris software and presents a sample MS Excel spreadsheet (hyperlinkable to pdf files) to keep tract the digitization status and store the metadata of each document. Moreover, Mr. Renz Rui Romero, Document Scanning Technician, CVM Digitization Project gives hands-on demo on document scanning using different types of scanners, and shows the searching and browsing process in the CVM Special Collection Digibase.

Hands-on scanning of bound thesis and OCR process for pdf file using Read Iris software were done by majority of participants from the College Libraries. (MDBede)

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