Advances in Animal Biosciences (Proquest)
American Journal of Public Health (Proquest)

Animal: an International Journal of Animal Bioscience (Proquest)

Animal Behaviour (ScienceDirect)

Animal Biology (EBSCO)

Animal Biology & Animal Husbandry (EBSCO)

Animal Biotechnology(18 months delay EBSCO)

Animal Cells & Systems (EBSCO)

Animal Cognition (Proquest)

Animal Feed Science and Technology (ScienceDirect)

Animal Genetics (EBSCO)

Animal Health Research Reviews (Proquest)
Animal Molecular Breeding (Proquest)
Animal Reproduction Science 

Animal Science Journal (EBSCO)

Animal Science Papers & Reports (EBSCO)

Annals of Tropical Medicine & Public Health (EBSCO)
Aquacuture (ScienceDirect)

Aquatic Mammals(EBSCO)

Archives of Animal Nutrition (EBSCO)

Archives of Physiology & Biochemistry(EBSCO)

Asian Journal of Animal Sciences (EBSCO)

Avian Biology Research (EBSCO)


Biochemistry & Cell Biology (EBSCO)

BMC Public Health (EBSCO)

British Poultry Science (EBSCO)

Canadian Journal of Microbiology (EBSCO)

Canadian Journal of Pathology (EBSCO)

Canadian Journal of Physiology & Pharmacology (EBSCO)

The Cattleman (Proquest)

Comparative Immunology, Microbiology & Infectious Diseases (ScienceDirect)
Dairy Farmer

Dairy Foods (Proquest)

Dairy Industries International (Proquest)

Domestic Animal Endocrinology (ScienceDirect)

Emerging Themes in Epidemiology (EBSCO)

Epidemiology and Infection(Proquest)

Fish & Shellfish Immunology (ScienceDirect)

Indian Journal of Animal Research (EBSCO)

International Dairy Journal (ScienceDirect)

International Journal of Dairy Technology (EBSCO)

Italian Journal of Animal Science (EBSCO)

Journal of Animal Breeding & GeneticsEBSCO)

Journal of Animal Ecology (EBSCO, 1 yr delay)
Journal of Animal Physiology & Animal Nutrition

Journal of Animal Research (EBSCO)
Journal of Animal Science (Proquest)

Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science (EBSCO)

Journal of Avian Biology (EBSCO)

The Journal of Dairy Research (Proquest)

Journal of Dairying Foods & Home Sciences(EBSCO)

Journal of Fish Biology (EBSCO)

Livestock (Electronic)(EBSCO)

Livestock Science (ScienceDirect)

Meat Science (ScienceDirect)

National Hog Farmer(Proquest)

Poultry World (EBSCO, html full text)

Professional Animal Scientist (Proquest)

Reproduction in Domestic Animals (EBSCO)

Scientific Papers: Animal Science & Biotechnologies  (EBSCO)

Scientific Papers: Series D, Animal Science(EBSCO)

Small Ruminant Research (ScienceDirect)

Society & Animals (EBSCO)

South African Journal of Animal Science (EBSCO)

South African Journal of Wildlife Research (EBSCO)

Theriogenology (ScienceDirect)

Transboundary & Emerging Diseases (1 year delay, EBSCO)

Zoonoses & Public Health (1 year delay, EBSCO)



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